Community Meeting

Thank you to the over 100 people who showed up for the Community Meeting in Telulah Park on June 19th, 2007! We had a diverse crowd of neighbors, disc golfers, skateboarders, engineers who have worked on the project in the past, paddlers, architects, landscape designers, past and present City and State officials, professors from Lawrence University, and future residents. The meeting was covered by the Post Crescent, WHBY radio, Channels 5 and 11 news. We talked about possible designs for the project, the College Avenue bridge development, the clean-up operation, the riverwalk, and public access to the riverfront.

Thanks again to the community for supporting the Spoerl Lecture in Science and Society at Lawrence University on October 23, 2007. The topic was "What's a Green Neighborhood? Challenges Faced by Green Developers in Appleton." We reviewed the US Green Building Council's new Neighborhood Development pilot program and unveiled Wisconsin architect Engberg Anderson's design. Thanks to everyone who showed up and asked questions.

Let's keep the conversation going. Please visit the Contact Page to submit comments and sign up for the Interest List to receive updates in the future. Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

Young couple near the river
Great turnout at the community meeting

What you are saying about RiverHeath:

There is so much potential in this area with the river to incorporate walking / running trails -- it is a shame no one has taken advantage of it. PLEASE incorporate some type of riverwalk -- it would be fabulous!!!
- M. 6/21/2008

I just wanted to say I am happy to hear about this project and that we are seeing new development like this in the Fox Valley. We DEFINITELY needed this type of project for Appleton and add economic growth and community prosperity to the valley with businesses, offices, condos, restaurants, etc. With the new college ave bridge and a new development at the same time, this is sure to be a very nice and much needed face lift to this particular area as it connects the valley east to west. Glad to see this happen!
- C.B. 5/26/2008

We are so excited about the whole development... we have lived in this area of Appleton for 35 years and love it so much.
- K.P. 5/24/2008

Thanks for the website. This is an incredible project with so much potential. It will be fun to watch it develop.
- P.H. 3/17/2008

This is fabulous!! I can't wait to see it when it opens ľand to see how this influences/impacts this area. Swell idea!! I love how you are showing/helping us see it can be so easy being green. :)
- C.G. 3/14/2008

I grew up in Appleton, and have a VERY soft spot in my heart for the Valley. It will always be my true "HOME". After hearing about Riverheath, and reading about it plans, I am EXTREMELY excited to hear the great news! Just wanted to say THANKS for your hard work on the development, it looks FANTASTIC! Keep up the great work!
- M.M. 3/7/2008

I am interested in the site development and the thought of turning that old polluted site in to something cool. I'm looking forward to coming down there on our bikes via the trails to have something to eat or to have a beer at the future bar and/or brewpub.
- M.H. 3/7/2008

I have been waiting for a development of this caliber.
- G.C. 1/3/2008

I applaud you in your efforts for making River Heath a reality. It's great to see that the river front location you've chosen will finally become a destination for the public to enjoy instead of just a place for private industry. Thank you.
- A.R. 11/26/2007

I'm very excited about this development. It's long overdue for this community.
- A.R. 11/16/2007

I am a home owner near the Colony Oaks Park area, very close to Telulah Park. This development is VERY exciting! It's great to see the community invest and support the revitalizing of city neighborhoods instead encouraging more sprawl out of the city. I loved the idea of having small grocery stores, bakery, deli etc. We would be able to ride our bikes or walk there.
- N.D. 11/15/2007

cool concept! would like to learn more as the plans progress. am a sustainablity believer and a green enthusiast.
- B.P. 11/15/2007

- G. 10/27/2007

i was born and raised in Appleton. i am in my 60's and this sounds really great!!!!!!
- P.G. 9/5/2007

I love the riverfront and am delighted to see opportunities for city dwellers to experience the beauty and serenity. I would like this development to be an "escape" from the city, and feel like an island. Outdoor dining and music would be great!
- B.J. 9/5/2007

i would like to be in the loop on meetings...very much behind this effort and would like to be involved as I can.
- S.K. 8/15/2007

My daughter and I share a great interest in the redevelopment of the riverfront and we've talked about how much we like your approach to this process ... You are being proactive and encouraging community involvement! Thanks for working so hard to engage the citizens of Appleton!
- A.H. 7/12/2007

I'm really looking forward to seeing this area develop and I can't wait to see what it will be like upon completion! If this is in any way similar in appearance and function as the Alterra project near Milwaukee's waterfront, there will be a lot of pleased Appleton residents! A Riverfront development such as this that considers the existing natural environment and incorporates that into its plan is something this city really wants and will benefit from tremendously! Thank you for having this page available--it's great to be able to learn more about the project and I appreciate the opportunity to participate and share some ideas. Thank you!
- K.M. 6/30/2007

We have been waiting for this to be developed and are VERY interested in a condo on this site. Please keep us informed.
- V.C. 6/25/2007

This is a fantastic website. Your efforts to include the community in the development plans and actively seek LEED certification and other green building/renewable energy are commendable. Your considerations for the environment and future generations is an example for all to follow. This development will be a significant benefit to the City of Appleton and surrounding residents and a shining example of proactive, forward-thinking development.
- J.B. 6/21/2007

I am all in favor of the land being developed. I live down the river just down the street from Telulah Park and would love to see the area restored to a place where the community can enjoy the river.
- K.S. 6/19/2007

This is a beautiful stretch of the Fox River but there is no access for kayaks and canoes. It would be wonderful if you could plan to include a public launch site in your plans. Thanks.
- J.B. 6/14/2007