Start the new year with a mug at Tempest Coffee! Watch the bald eagles soar by your window. Find a home at one of our buildings overlooking the water, either Evergreen or newly opened Prairie.... Why not stop by the new hotel, the Marriott Courtyard Riverfront, for a drink or dinner? The trail is open along the riverfront all the way into Lower Telulah Park. Stop by and say hello, and make plans for your next trail ride. Fix that bike at the Recylist, just opened in the Evergreen building.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for your new office? Join us at Menlo Park, our co-working space overlooking the water. Click on the Menlo Park tab above for more information.

We have started a waiting list for our next phase, with delivery in Summer 2019. Please email us for details! And stay tuned for more community concerts next summer as part of the RiverHeath Concert Series. More announcements soon....

Have you ever dreamt of living on the water and watching geese fly by your living room window? Have you wanted to have a home with restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops just steps away? Tired of shoveling snow? Perhaps living at RiverHeath is for you.

RiverHeath is located in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin, on the Fox River just below the College Avenue bridge. One of Appleton's oldest and now newest neighborhoods, the land has been a center of commerce since the 1850s. One legacy of this rich industrial past is one of the nation's oldest hydro-electric facilities. The river will provide clean, sustainable energy for the residences, offices, and shops on site. This clean power is just the beginning of RiverHeath's commitment to sustainability. Design elements include innovative stormwater management systems, geothermal heating and cooling using the energy from the river, efficient appliances, community gardens and more. The U.S. Green Building Council accepted the project into a nationwide pilot program for Neighborhood Development. The U.S. Department of Energy awarded RiverHeath with a grant to help fund the geothermal exchange heating and cooling system.

Stop by and visit us at our Sales Office located at RiverHeath in the new Prairie building: 181 South RiverHeath Way, Suite 1200, Appleton, Wisconsin. Go to Prairie, look for the Menlo Park sign by the water, walk in and say hello! Welcome to the Neighborhood.

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